Aidan's Ramblings

Site Update 6/5/19

You will not see many site updates for awhile because I am working on a version
of the site without Bootstrap. This project will take most of my time that I would
usually use to update this site. If you want to follow along with my progress you can here.

Site Update 6/3/19

I have been aware tha the Mr.Berger fanpage has been down for some time, I have been working to fix it
for a while now and this morning it is live. The outage was caused by a number of things including my SASS
overhaul and stupidly using uppercase folder names. Anyway I
hope that the Mr.Berger fanpage continues to give you joy and happiness.

Robotics Meeting 11/3/18

Today I had a Saturday Vex meeting. It was a very productive one, we finished the chassis and
are working on the arm. we are the first team that drove a working robot on the field which is
something that I have never done before. Our team was always one of the last to get on the
field right before the competition because we hadn't had anything done but I had coded it early
and we had a productive meeting so I was very happy to realize that we had completed
the chassis so early that now we have time to think about our manipulator and how that is going to
work. Anyway I had a good day.

Lazy Day 11/4/18

Today was a rainy day so sadly I stayed inside. And I put my UltraCalc project on GitHub
and also now I made a local repo for this site. I did this because I feel that it is very useful
to have all of your code changes documented so that you can fix bugs
and also so that you can make a branch of the site if you want to do something different.
Anyway I now understand GitHub and have realized it's usefulness.
Especially within web development.

Pre Comp Ramblings 12/7/18

Tomorrow is the first robotics competition of the season. It is at Brooks and starts at 7:30 I don't
know why I'm telling you that but I am. I don't know how my robot will do but in my mind this first
competition is far more important than the score you get on each match. To me the most
important thing is looking at the other school’s robots and seeing what you're up against,
because when you see these early robots you can kind of figure out their progression. For
example if I see this crappy robot with an okay team I will assume that by the next competition
their robot will be revamped and probably better. If I see a trash robot with a trash team I'll think
it might get a little better but not perfect. But if I see a good robot with a good team I'll say that's
the team I want to look out for because I know by the next competition their robot is going to be
better than it was today.

Post Comp Ramblings 12/9/18

Well, something unexpected happened yesterday at the robotics competition. My team took first
overall. In my mind we were not the favorites to win but for some reason we did. I don't know if
it's because we were carried or because we got lucky or because we were better prepared or
because we had a better robot or because because because I don't know. It just happened, and
I want to thank all the teams that we fought against yesterday for fighting a good fight and being
formidable opponents. We will not be like some teams of the past that the second they take first
in a competition all they do for the next few weeks is bring food to the meetings and don't work,
no we will not do that. We will come in every Wednesday and every Saturday and constantly
improve our robot and make it better. And of course we had issues that day but we got over
them and fixed them and honestly I don't think it's the robot that makes the team I think it's the
team that makes the team okay. Because we fixed all the problems that we were thrown and I
think that is how you win. Proactively fixing problems. Once again I want to thank all the teams
that participated in the competition this weekend and I'm excited to see you again.

Thing That I Am Saying Because I Am Bored 1/4/19

Hello, I had an entry planned to talk about math class but I decided against it.
(You can probably do some digging on GitHub and find in though)
So I was not really sure what to say but then something came
to mind, this is a PSA to all Town Of Salem account holders, There was recently I giant data breach and
71 Million emails usernames and passwords where exposed.
because if you used that password on town of salem it is now exposed, I myself had to change passwords on a good
amount of my accounts because of this. Also you should think about getting into 2 Factor Authentication.

Writing to write 5/10/19

I know this happened ages ago but me and my vex team made up of Hedi,Niko,Milan, and
my self won the battle of the bots. Battle of The Bots is the equivalent to a
Chicagoland championship. Not only did we receive
Tournament Champion but we also received Skills Champion and Think Award.
I am looking forward to competing in the Highschool club next year as well.